How’s your week? Here are the Top5 projects for this week. Hope you will find some inspiration.

1. Cyberpunk Mask

by r Linte

A futuristic and comfortable mask in this legendary punk cyber in 2020.

Things you may need:

2. Magic Finger- A $10 Project Based on Seeeduino XIAO

by sikun xie

We sometimes may hurt ourselves because we don’t know the temperature of the water, the temperature of the coffee, or the temperature of the cup. If we have a magic finger at this time, it can help us test the temperature first so that we can avoid getting hurt, which is something that makes us happy.

Things you may need:

3. Face-Masks Disinfection Device

by Team NeedLab: Jean NoëlPierre-Gilles Levalloissameera_chukkapalli

Things you may need:

4. S.O.S Enabled GPS Tracker

by Scott Powell

Things you may need:

5. Solenoid Valve Based SANITIZER DISPENSER

by Arnov Sharma

3D Printed and easy to Replicate “Fluid Dispenser for alcohol-based sanitizer”.

Things you may need:

How do you like projects for this week? If also you have awesome projects, please do not hesitate to share with us. Hope to see your projects here soon!

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