Electronics Guidebook: Basic Electronics, Programming, Learning Resources, Case Studies, Industry Insights and More!

Over the years, Seeed has remained committed to the mission of lowering the barriers of electronics and IoT development. Alongside effective and accessible hardware solutions, we have also worked extensively on our collection of blog articles, which cover content ranging from basic electronics, computer programming, trending technologies and industrial case studies!

This electronics guidebook serves as a one-stop collection of the articles that we’ve written at Seeed, so that you can easily reference it to find all of our resources that have been made to your disposal. Do you have something you want to learn about that isn’t listed here? Use the search bar on the top right or leave us a comment to tell us!

Learn Hardware: Electronics

In this first section, you’ll find links to blog articles that will help you learn hardware in electronics, all the way from basic concepts of electricity, concepts, and computers to more advanced topics like communication protocols, industrial technologies and sensors!

A. Circuits, Electricity and Basic Components

B. Understanding Computers

C. Communication Protocols

WiFi, Bluetooth, Serial, etc.


New Technologies & Industry Standards

D. Batteries & Sensors

Choosing a Development Platform

With all the development platforms on the market, it can be difficult to pick between different MCUs or SBCs. In each of these guides, you’ll be able to get a comprehensive breakdown of the most popular options in each category, their features and what they’re best used for!

Grove – An Easier Way to Learn Hardware

For a complete list of electronics development tools, be sure to check out our Electronics Workbench Essentials article!

On the other hand, you might know now that we’re a strong advocate of our Grove ecosystem. Grove is a modular and standardised connector prototyping system that takes a building block approach to assembling electronics. By eliminating the need for jumper wires or solder, you can get straight into hardware prototyping and programming without the hassles that plague traditional methods.

We’ve also developed a comprehensive Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino to make it even easier to learn electronics and programming without the fuss of complicated wiring. Learn about how this kit enables electronics learning and more in our resource roundup!

There are over 300 Grove modules available for a variety of purposes, including sensors, actuators, display and communication modules, all of which you can find here. No matter the project you are working on, there will definitely be a Grove module for you. Alternatively, check out the following selection guides to pick the best Grove module for your use case!

Software: Programming

In this section, you’ll find resources related to software, including how to get started with popular programming languages like Python (MicroPython) and C++ (Arduino), the popular Linux Operating System, and more programming and project tutorials!

Learn Programming

Linux Operating Systems

More Tutorials

Understanding Industrial Trends & Case Studies

Industrial trends and use cases build off of foundational knowledge to solve problems in the real world. This section features trends, technologies, solutions and case studies to further deepen your understanding of IoT, its applications, and its significance!

Industrial IoT Solutions

Partner Solutions

Community Projects & Resources

In electronics, the best way to learn is still to get your hands dirty with a project and learn as you go! After all, you’ll find that most things that seem to work well in theory somehow face unexpected challenges when attempted in reality. To get yourself started, check out our resource roundups for each of our most popular development platforms, along with their community projects collections below!

More Resources

Finally, be sure to check out our other resource collections, which each do a comprehensive breakdown on their respective topics!

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