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Grove Selectable Creator Kit

Experience the convenience of tailored grove modules by placing a one-click order for the specific mod you need. Choose from Actuators, Inputs, LEDs, Sensors, Displays, and Communication Modules for projects like IoT, TinyML, Wearables, Robotics, Environmental Monitoring, and Smart Home.


    Sensor Quantity


    Experience the convenience of tailored grove modules by placing a one-click order for the specific mod you need. Choose from 6 Actuators, 12 Inputs, 7 LEDs, 27 Sensors, 10 Displays, and 4 Communication Modules for projects like TinyML, Wearables, Robotics, Environmental Monitoring, and Smart Home with ultilizing the cutting-edge technology such as TinyML, IoT and LoRaWAN®.


    • One-click order for the specific mod you need:Includes 6 Actuators, 12 Inputs, 7 LEDs, 27 Sensors, 10 Displays, and 4 Communication Modules
    • Beginner-friendly Tutorials:Provide detailed and free tutorials for each module(Search products in Seeed Wiki); Rich community projects for inspiration
    • Well compatibility:Support Raspberry Pi and Arduino programming; Edge Impulse provides full support to Grove-Vision AI for building & training machine learning models


    Grove is a user-friendly connector prototyping system for electronics. It uses modular building blocks with standardized connectors, simplifying the assembly process. The system includes a base unit, usually a microprocessor, and various modules that serve specific functions. While a base unit facilitates easy connections, Grove modules can also be linked to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino using a Grove to Pin Header Converter cable.

    This bundle provides a comprehensive set of environmental sensors, that detect light, temperature, humidity, gas, and water quality. Additionally, it offers Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer, Grove-Ultrasonic Sensor and Grove Digital PIR Motion Sensor for accurate object movement detection. You can utilize the Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor and Grove - LED button to implement control functions, create captivating light shows using various LED lights, and manage mechanical motion with Grove-Servo. For added functionality, the bundle includes options like Grove - Vision AI and Grove - Smart IR Gesture Sensor to enable the creation of your own AI assistant.

    We have launched seven Seeed Studio XIAO development boards with a thumb-size and powerful performance. They are empowered by outstanding chips such as RP2040, SAMD21, nFR52840 and ESP32 which make them perfect for TinyML, Wearables, Trackers and IoT projects.

    Tutorials & Community Projects

    This document is designed to leverage the Arduino-compatible Seeeduino Lotus for illustrating connections and constructing your projects. Each module is accompanied by a simple and easily replicable sample code, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

    We provide free XIAO Series courses here to help you quickly get started with XIAO series development boards, including basic knowledge and enhanced projects.

    Through four chapters and a total of 16 lessons of study, this course can help you get started with Raspberry Pi Pico and Grove Sensors easily. With its help, you can learn MicroPython from scratch, and build some interesting projects.

    We have collected 19 case studies showcasing the applications of TinyML. These studies cover diverse areas, such as object detection, motion detection, food spoilage monitoring, lake garbage monitoring, and wildlife monitoring. By bridging the gap between technology and reality, TinyML has significantly transformed our lives.

    We have carefully selected some that stand out for their elegant 3D printing casings, showcasing diverse applications.

    XIAO Series, a collection of highly versatile functional modules embraced by product designers, showcases its limitless potential through a variety of amazing designs.

    Co-Create Grove sensors with Seeed Studio Fusion

    Seeed Studio Fusion has launched a Grove Sensor Co-brand Campaign to help engineers turn their Grove designs into real products. Participants have the chance to win over $300USD in cash prize and have their designs manufactured and sold on Seeed Bazaar(Product sales page).

    For more information and the method of participation, you can find in this blog. 


    • Smart Home
    • Robotic
    • Wearable
    • Enviroment Monitoring System
    • Tracker
    • Object Detection
    • Sound Classification




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