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Fusion Gallery is a collaborative platform for designers to share their ideas and projects, and inspire others with exceptional designs based on Seeed’s products and services. Our open-source community offers free opportunities for everyone to showcase their creativity.

What is a LoRaWAN Gateway?

LoRaWAN is a key technology in the IoT landscape, connecting battery-operated devices to the internet across various networks. This blog focuses on LoRaWAN Gateways, the vital link between end devices and the network server. This blog explores the fundamental aspects of LoRaWAN Gateways, it’s functionality, importance, benefits, and the wide range of IoT applications they support, including smart cities, agriculture, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring.

4 Most Promising LPWAN Connectivity: A Comprehensive Comparison of LoRaWAN, Amazon Sidewalk, Helium, and Cat-M,

In this blog post, we’re sheding the spotlight on four of the most promising and rapidly-emerging LPWAN technologies that are shaping the future of IoT: LoRaWAN, Amazon Sidewalk, Helium, and Cat-M. By delving into their features, real-world applications, and a head-to-head comparison, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of these LPWAN options. Our goal here is to help you ascertain the best LPWAN solution for your IoT needs.

Seeed Studio at the Hackster Impact Summit 2023: Inspiring Resilient Cities Through Technology

On November 14-15th, the Hackster Impact Summit 2023 concluded with resounding success, bringing together visionaries, community enthusiasts, and industry leaders to explore the transformative power of technology in creating resilient and sustainable urban environments. As a proud sponsor of the event, Seeed Studio played a significant role in the “Technology Resiliency In Urban Environments” panel discussion, showcasing groundbreaking projects and engaging with our community.

IOT202 | Building Compliant, Secure Connected Products with Demo Badge for AWS IoT at AWS re:Invent

Another please-do-not-miss-out workshop at the upcoming AWS re:Invent: the IOT202 Connected Products Workshop, where you’ll delve into hands-on learning with a purpose-built practice kit: Demo Badge for AWS IoT. Led by Andrzej Mizerkiewicz and Thomas Kriechbaumer, this workshop explores various AWS IoT connectivity capabilities, including MQTT, Matter, and Amazon Sidewalk. Gain practical insights into the free-to-connect Amazon Sidewalk network using Bluetooth Low Energy and compare it with MQTT connectivity over Wi-Fi on AWS IoT ExpressLink. You can also explore diverse use cases, such as over-the-air updates, location tracking, sensor data ingestion, digital twins, and shadows.

Experience IoT and Robotics with AWS IoT and Seeed Studio at re:Invent 2023

Don’t miss out on the IoT and Robotics sessions at AWS re:Invent! The Experience/IoT@re:Invent Landing Page, created by the AWS IoT team in collaboration with Seeed Studio, offers 45 captivating sessions, 6 interactive project demos, and an immersive live demo to track and locate the AWS IoT team on-site. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technologies and learn from industry experts at this exciting event. Join us to explore the latest trends in IoT and Robotics and have a hands-on experience like no other.

Meet Seeed Studio at Mouser IoT Day CDMX 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we will be part of Mouser IoT Day Mexico City in November 6th. Come join us to discuss the latest trend and have a visit at Seeed Studio’s demonstration in the show. Our representative @Kingsley Li will be happy to meet you there!

Rice Pest and Disease Monitoring Solution to Ensure a Bountiful Harvest

To tackle the problem of rice pests and diseases in the field, Seeed Studio, partnered with Chengdu Yunyi Technology Co., deployed the Rice Pest & Disease Mornitoring and Forecasting solution in Guangxi, China. This project utilized the SenseCAP S700 Weather Sensor, Industrial pH Sensor, DO sensor, SensCAP 4G Sensor Hub, as well as the SenseCAP Portal and Mobile APP. Meteorology is not only necessary for the growth of rice, but also a key factor in the occurrence and spread of pests and diseases. Real-time monitoring can guide farmers in developing field management practices, such as irrigation, fertilization, and use of pesticides, ensuring a bountiful harvest.


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