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Smart City: 500+ SenseCAP LoRaWAN Devices Deployed to Mitigate Urban Heat Island in Cagliari Italy

To address the challenges of urban heat waves, WiData and Abinsula, our partners in Italy, deployed 500+ SenseCAP sensors including SenseCAP S1000 weather sensor along with SenseCAP S2100 LoRaWAN DTU as well as other SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors at more than 300 sites in Cagliari for the Cagliari Smart City Project. This project offers urban heat island monitoring for the local administration to take action on the intervention in the building color and green space planning to better mitigate the heat island effect.

Year in Review: Seeed in 2022

Discover the top inspirations of 2022, including the most read wikis, the most captivating products that we released, the most sparkling case studies, some exciting events, and the most inspiring community projects & their creators.

Seeed Monthly: a Wrap-up for October

For this post, I’ve prepared you 3 pieces of exciting news, 4 wikis and how-to guides for you to build IoT solutions on Helium LoRaWAN network, Raspberry Pi router and even LoRaWAN Sensors out of Grove sensors. Moreover, you can also expect 10+ projects and case studies centering around agriculture sensing, automation apple packing, digital twin rooftop garden, ergonomic keyboard and more.

Monthly Wrap-up July 2022: SenseCAP M1 Anniversary, Contest Updates, Community Project, LoRaWAN Cases, Edge AI, and More

For this Monthly Wrap-up, we’ve covered 4 exciting news, 7 amazing community-built-up projects, 5 new open-source module updates, 8 IIoT solutions, and their application stories, and 4 scale-up projects manufactured by Seeed! Spoiler, we’ve also prepared a special section, where you’ll find everything you must know about Sensors right before you build your sensing projects.

Seeed joins CAPIAC

Seeed joins CAPIAC for future collaborations in the field of environmental monitoring for smart agriculture.


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